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Insights OFFLINE Class: Details and Application Form & Breaking of Barrier Between Online and Offline Class – It is Free!

NOTE: The Link to Application Has Been Removed. Thank you for the Tremendous Response.

We will be conducting offline test series for UPSC Mains – 2015 in Bangalore (We don’t have any centres anywhere in India and that too we have only one centre in Bangalore which can accommodate 30 people!) from 7th September 2015.

Because of good results from last year batch we are receiving an unprecedented amount of requests to accommodate more people in the upcoming batch. From our last batch, whose strength was 20 (including 5 from old batch), 5 made it to the list (Rank 8, 26, 36, 97 and 392). Four of them have been allocated IAS and one IRS (IT).

We have told it numerous times that all these successful people made it to the list because they worked hard and wrote almost all tests.

Now the time has come to start another batch. We wanted to take only 15 initially, but due to increased demand we have raised number to 30 (We haven’t raised fees). Hence we will be taking 30 in our Core batch. The criteria for selection will be mentioned below later in the article. But please read below information which is very important.

But it will be great injustice if we keep out all deserving candidates out of our class. It is our belief that if a serious aspirant is provided a good environment and a right guidance, he or she can easily top this exam. Therefore, we will be allowing serious aspirants to write at our centre on regular basis for a nominal fees (booklets, usage of classroom etc – fees will be one fourth of Core group fees). This number will be again restricted to 30. 

Here is a slightly disappointing thing. We won’t be able to evaluate papers of people other than those 30 in the Core group. Managing website and evaluating more than 30 aspirants’ full length papers is difficult. If we do so, we will have to compromise on quality.

Hence, non-Core 30 students can come and write ALL exams in our classroom, where they can write along with Rank Holders and other extremely serious people, but can’t avail feedback. If they want they can exchange their answer sheets among peers and get them reviewed. Or, now and then can contact us  for feedback on essays.

Having said that, we will be accessible here all the time in case you need feedback on few answers.

So, what about online participants?

Breaking The Barrier Between Online and Offline Class:

We have always believed that being an Open Forum – where everyone can access services for free or for reasonable amount (our prelims test series, for example) – is the best way to help serious aspirants in their exam preparation. Openness also breeds community feeling. We are happy that Insights followers like to call themselves Insightians. (everything can’t be free as we need money to run this website and our lives)

Therefore, we will be posting Offline question papers Free of Cost on the Website on same day (evening) so that those who want to get a rank can get a rank by persistently following the timetable we provide.

Our intention is to provide same quality question papers as provided to offline students and break the barrier that exists between online and offline people.

A detailed Timetable will be provided for you to follow. Sources will be mentioned and a strategy will be given out. This strategy helped 14 out of 20 to reach interview, and 5 out of these 14 to get Top Ranks.

You too can be one of them provided you strictly follow this timetable.

The secret ingredient is Consistency. Not Insights, nor Our questions. It is your consistent involvement in one strategy that gets you a rank.

It doesn’t end here.

What about feedback?

If there is no feedback for those who write online, they may not actively participate for long. Therefore, we will be evaluating just one answer in-depth from all the answers and will make it a featured Comment so that you can get some idea (in case you need it) about how to approach a particular question.

Whose answer will be reviewed?

We will review an answer of a participant who reviews others answers consistently. Or the one who review more answers written by fellow aspirants. We will also strive to review the answers of people who apply to our class and not get selected (please provide your valid email ID in the application form below)

It is impossible to review all answers, hence this arrangement.

We have already highlighted earlier the benefits of reviewing others’ answers:


“…….some might think that posting answers on the website is of no use when their answers are not getting any feedback from fellow aspirants. One solution to overcome this problem is that first you must start giving feedback to others answers – which is genuine, detailed and constructive. If you do this regularly, it not only benefits the writer of an answer, it will also help you in many ways. Giving right feedback is akin to helping a friend in need. It is an act of both camaraderie and empathy (yes, it is). It helps assess your own writing. It might motivate others to start giving similar feedback. Some day your answers will be given genuine feedback by the benefactors of your feedback. This will not happen overnight. This will take time, but you must persist with faith. After all, you will lose nothing (in case you think you would lose your precious time if you review others’ answers, you are wrong – you can see benefits only after a while. If you yield to cynicism, you will lose the advantage)

Participating, encouraging newcomers, leaving behind an objective feedback – all these will help build a healthy atmosphere. A fellow aspirant might be a competitor, but when you ensure there is an healthy competition, your chance of reaching the goal are more than those who refrain from participation thinking that what you are doing is useless………”,


Please review others answers. We too will participate.

Our feedback, your answers will be visible to all. Anyone with a desire can write answers and get reviews too (if they review others) It is our and your opportunity to learn actively through community participation. Active participation, ultimately, is in your interest.

To sum up:

Core group will get personal feedback on all tests (in-depth feedback on first 20 tests and grading of answers on remaining tests)for a reasonable fees; Non-core group will get classroom, materials and a very serious environment at one fourth of core group fees; the Online aspirants who follow our website will get everything FREE.  Of course online people will miss personal feedback. But believe us, it won’t affect your exam preparation or chances of getting a rank provided you participate regularly and review others answers (plenty of examples are there who got top ranks by working hard from home – please check our this Page)

Selection Criteria:

Preference will be given in this order:

  1. Candidates who are serving in civil services
  2. Candidates who have secured ranks in 2014 exam
  3. Candidates who have attended interview in 2014
  4. Candidates who have written Mains in 2014
  5. Three seats for poor and deserving – Free Tests (They requested us and have written Mains facing many odds – we have admitted them already)
  6. Freshers with promising potential

First thirty will be accommodated in Core group. Rest Thirty will be in non-Core group.

Some cynics might ask this question: Why take already experienced and then claim success?

We will never claim credit for their their success. Of course, if they succeed, we will post it on our website to claim credibility of our program. We will post their testimonials too to let our followers know that they too can get ranks by following a single strategy.

We take experienced aspirants for two reasons:

  1. Our tests are designed in a way that they demand too much from you. Only experienced can study a lot in one day without getting demoralised.  We observed that freshers need more time for studying standard materials (therefore a superb plan is awaiting 2016 hopefuls  – you can spread the word)
  2. We can not say No to a guy with XYZ Rank. He/she is so near to getting IAS but has missed due to few small mistakes. Same applies to people who have given interview. Hence,

It doesn’t mean that freshers can’t crack this exam. People like Neha Kumari who secured 26th rank was a fresher, but she started early and worked really hard.

If you are comfortable studying from home, then please study from home using the timetable we post. Please follow it and you won’t be disappointed.

We will be posting detailed timetable on Tuesday (September 1)

We have observed that despite everyone knowing everything, despite majority getting free services, only few will last long. But when they last long, they find their names in the list – this year or next year.

So, please do not worry about others. If you work hard from day one to till you give interview, you are sure to get a good rank.  You must persist no matter what odds you are going to face in coming days.

Finally, The Application Form:

The below link will take you to Application Form where your patience and your interest in our classes will be thoroughly tested. 🙂

Please fill every area with keen interest. If you are not selected, you don’t have to be disappointed. You get free access to tests from the comfort of your home.

Honestly, feedback is needed only initially. Later it is all about writing and practicing. Please read why writing matters here.

Please click the Link Below to Apply for this Program:

The Link Has Been Removed


Note for Applicants:

  1. It is compulsory to fill the form if you need classroom tests
  2. Those who have already contacted us must fill the form for re-consideration
  3. If you do not fill the form, you will not be admitted
  4. Those who get selected will be notified via email
  5. Those who don’t get selected will not be notified, but if they regularly participate on answer writing, their answers will be review online now and then
  6. The process ends at tomorrow 7 pm i.e. this Application Form will be removed tomorrow at 7 pm.
  7. If you do not receive any email by Sunday morning 11.30 am, please assume that you are not selected.
  8. For selected aspirants, details will be sent via email
  9. We will not announce the names of students of this batch (until they get selected in the Final List)


End Note:

More details will follow for online (those who want to write online or do not get selected to our offline test series) aspirants on how to go about this program. How to integrate Secure – 2015 and current events will be dealt later.

Meanwhile, please Prepare thoroughly your Optional subject till September 7 (after also you can study as per our Timetable) and keep on writing answers at Secure initiative.

Thank you very much for reading this long post and for your continued support. We hope we haven’t disappointed any.

If so, please let us know in comments box how we can improve this program better.