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OFFLINE CLASS Notification and Coming Up Mains Program Update

By Tomorrow evening 7 pm we will be posting details about our offline class.  Many of you might want to be part of this program. Thanks a lot. But, as we do not want to compromise quality and do not want to provide confusing feedback by resorting to the help of ‘experts’, we will be taking only 30 aspirants. This is not an issue of ego or anything. Our capacity is limited and we like to stay within these limits.

At the same time, because there exists a demand – supply gap, we are coming up with a plan where no one (serious aspirants willing to get a rank no matter what it takes) will be disappointed. We will be sharing its details tomorrow.

The success in this exam comes from being consistent at what you are following. It doesn’t matter which strategy you are following. All that matters is your faith in it and your involvement in it till the end.

We would like to reiterate that the success of our students was because of their consistent writing practice. Even if they had done it from their home, they would have cleared this exam.

We at Insights are ordinary people with a desire to do something for the aspirants community and at the same time make some money without being greedy. We are no experts. We were once aspirants. We understand your needs.

Therefore, we request you to not to think that you will succeed if you attend our classes (i.e. if some of you are thinking like this, pardon if not) If there is a will, you can prepare from home and get a great rank.

But there should be a force behind you to motivate and to provide you a roadmap for this. Without proper direction, all efforts will be a mere waste of time. That is why, tomorrow we will be giving you a plan that will work, just like it worked for this year toppers from our class and website. Our job is to just provide you a roadmap. It is you who has to traverse it howsoever hard it is.

It is a ahrd fact that only the toughest and hard working will survive the race. You must be one among these winners. Everyone of us that innate ability to win, but due to distraction or other factors we deviate and give up. Therefore faith is extremely important in this journey. Faith in your ability and the ability of the strategy you want to follow.

Before we begin our Mains journey, as requested earlier in another post, we request you again to prepare thoroughly for your Optional subject without wasting a day.

We suggest you to start writing answers for previous year Optional subject papers until we start Mains program.