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Insights Daily Current Events, 11 August 2015

Insights Daily Current Events, 11 August 2015


Special court set up to try land-grabbing cases

The Karnataka State government has issued a notification to establish a special court in Bengaluru for speedy inquiry and trial of land-grabbing cases. It will start functioning in a month.


  • The court has been formed under section 7 of the Karnataka Land Grabbing Prohibition Act, 2011.
  • It will deal with all cases related to land grabbing and offences.
  • The term of the chairman and members will be three years.
  • The court will have jurisdiction over the entire State with its headquarters in Bengaluru.
  • The court will be headed by a chairman and he or she must be a retired High Court judge.
  • Members of the court should be persons who have served as district judges.
  • Revenue members should be persons who hold or held a post not below the rank of Deputy Commissioner of the district.
  • The court will look into alleged land encroachments of both government and forestlands by individuals in cities as well as rural areas.
  • It will also hear cases related to land encroachments identified by the A.T. Ramaswamy and T.S.R Subramanian committees.
  • Salaries and allowances of the chairman and members of the court will be decided after consultation with the Finance Department.
  • A government officer — not below the rank of tahsildar — will be authorized to be the officer responsible for administration and effecting implementation of the provisions of the Act and initiating legal action against persons contravening the provisions.

Sources: The Hindu.

Individuals to come under terror ban list

The Union government is all set to amend the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) to bring in a clause that would pave the way to “designate individuals” along with terror organisations under the “banned list of entities.”

  • The law change would cover the case of an individual not being associated with any terrorist organisation but committing an offence outside India.

Current scenario:

Presently, there is no provision for an individual, suspected of having terror links making it to the list of terrorist entities banned, maintained centrally by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

About the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA):

  • This law is aimed at effective prevention of unlawful activities associations in India.
  • Its main objective is to make powers available for dealing with activities directed against the integrity and sovereignty of India.
  • The UAPA, framed in 1967, has been amended twice since: first in 2008 and then in 2012.

The Constitution (Sixteenth Amendment) Act, 1963, was enacted empowering Parliament to impose, by law, reasonable restrictions in the interests of sovereignty and integrity of India, on the:

  • Freedom of Speech and Expression;
  • Right to Assemble peaceably and without arms; and
  • Right to Form Associations or Unions.

Sources: The Hindu, Wiki.

Amitabh signs up as Maharashtra’s Tiger Ambassador

Actor Amitabh Bachchan has agreed to represent Maharashtra as its Tiger Ambassador.

Quick facts:

  • Maharashtra has six tiger reserves including Melghat Tiger Reserve in Amravati, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in Mungantiwar’s home district of Chandrapur, Pench and Nagzira-Navegan Tiger Reserves near Nagpur, Sahyadri sanctuary which includes CHandoli National Par and Koyna Sanctuary and Bor tiger reserve in Wardha district.
  • The tiger population in the State has increased from 103 in 2006 to 169 in 2010 tiger census.

Sources: The Hindu.

Scenic Vembanad estuary is shrinking every year

A group of researchers from the National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, have found that Vembanad estuary is shrinking by 0.288 sq km and this would leave serious ecological impact on the lives on its banks.


  • Researchers came to this conclusion after evaluating the coastal morphological data of 44 years between 1967 and 2011.
  • The erosion and accretion of the estuary was studied by comparing satellite imageries of 2004 and 2011 with the topo-sheet of 1967 of the Survey of India.

insights current events,

  • The results conclusively showed that the estuary was being inflicted with major geomorphic changes at several segments, resulting in reduction in its extent.

Vembanad estuary is located in Kerala.

Sources: The Hindu, Wiki.

School Nursery Yojana

The Union Government has launched the School Nursery Yojana, an initiative to bring students closer to nature, by involving them in raising of saplings in nurseries created in schools.

  • The underlying theme of the Yojana is to plant a tree for sustainable future and to make the nation clean and green.
  • The main objective of the School Nursery Yojana is to create an everlasting bond between the young students and plants and trees.
  • Some of the other objectives of the Yojana include – providing an opportunity to the students to learn about nature and work with soil, develop among the students an organic linkage and positive emotions for the environment, keep the schools and the neighbourhood green.
  • Under the Yojana, students will sow the seeds, grow saplings in the school nursery, as part of practical exercise for Biology classes and extra-curricular activities for students of other streams.
  • The students will also carry out a tree census in their school and the locality.
  • The Yojana is being launched in 1, 000 schools this year. It will be expanded to cover around 5, 000 schools next year and to about 10, 000 schools in the third year.
  • Through the School Nursery Yojana, the Environment Ministry will support schools to provide all the essential facilities for raising of saplings for use of students and schools.

School nursery:

  • A school Nursery will have a small space of a minimum of 100 sq meter for preparing beds for raising saplings and for nursery-related activities, including preparing, planting a mixture of good earth, soil and manure, filling earthen pots and storage of seeds.
  • Each School Nursery is expected to create a 1,000 saplings every year.
  • The schools will be encouraged to take up composting, rain water harvesting and water recycling to inculcate best practices in young minds.

Sources: PIB.

Nai Manzil

The Union government recently launched a new Central Sector Scheme – Nai Manzil in Patna. The scheme will address educational and livelihood needs of minority communities in general and muslims in particular as it lags behind other minority communities in terms of educational attainments.

The scheme aims at providing educational intervention by giving the bridge courses to the trainees and getting them Certificates for Class XII and X from distance medium educational system and at the same time also provide them trade basis skill training in 4 courses :

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Engineering
  3. Services
  4. Soft skills

The scheme is intended to cover people in between 17 to 35 age group from all minority communities as well as Madrasa students. This scheme will provide avenues for continuing higher education and also open up employment opportunities in the organised sector.

Sources: PIB.