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NEW INITIATIVE for 2016 Aspirants and 2015 Mains + Interview Hopefuls: Insights Daily Debates

Insights Daily Debates

Once upon a time we used to conduct Insights Weekend Debates (Click Here) That was very popular then. For some reasons, we discontinued it.

Now we would like to continue it again and make it a continuous program like that of Insights Secure.

Why now? When Prelims is approaching?

We have given lots of thought about this new initiative. We kept postponing this announcement for last two months as we wanted our Self Study Guide initiative to run smoothly first. Now the time has come to announce it as we believe that this initiative would be useful for many sections of UPSC IAS aspirants if launched now.

This initiative is targeted towards

  • 2016 civil services Aspirants
  • For the Hopefuls of 2015 Mains and Interview
  • For those who are scared of writing

This is also targeted towards people giving Prelims this year, but indirectly. We hope that spending half an hour on these debates before you go for sleep would help you beat the  anxiety and keep you away from exam pressure.

Why 2016 Aspirants?

It is basically a WRITTEN Debate. We pose you a thought-provoking question (or series of questions) and you should express your opinion in the comment box. For a person preparing for 2016 UPSC CSE, this is a warm up exercise to get familiar with burning issues of the day. We will be posing a question on topics that matter to you. After reading so many opinions and views on this topic, the issue will be permanently etched in your memory. You can express your views constructively without fear. Reading passively, especially the current events, will take you nowhere. If you want to top in 2016, you must start reading and writing from now itself. This initiative is an easy way to start this exercise right away.

Why 2015 Mains + Interview Hopefuls?

By now you know that writing practice matters most in this exam. In interview, your balanced original view is even more important. We have experienced in Weekend Debates that one if sportively participates in these debates, he/she will get an in-depth knowledge about the issue.

Moreover, as you will be expressing it through the medium of writing, this will help in writing good answers as well. You should try it to experience what we are saying here. 🙂

For those who are hesitating to write answers and post them on the site, this debate will act as a catalyst. Please post your views, may be 3-4 lines, but do post them. Once you get used to commenting, expressing opinion becomes a smooth affair.

This exercise will also help you in fine-tuning your opinion on an issue that is sensitive. Your feedback on others comments will enrich your thinking. This will also help the person to know loopholes in his argument. Of course, the whole debate should be constructive. We will moderate to ensure that the debate doesn’t go haywire.

Thankfully, Insights has always been a platform filled with positive energy where learning matters most (not competition). Our website followers till today have been exceptionally supportive and constructive. We hope this continues to reflect in Daily Debates.

About This Initiative:

We will start this from coming Monday (July 27, 2015) . The posts under this New Initiative will be posted in the evening at 8 pm every day. It is holiday on Saturdays and Sundays.

We will post a Question to you with a link to reference article (Not Always though). The question will demand expression of your original opinion on a particular issue (mostly a sensitive issue). We will try our best to restrict ourselves to the topics that are related (directly or indirectly) to the UPSC civil services syllabus.


How to Participate?

As soon as the question is posted, please think about it from multiple angles. This is NOT an ANSWER WRITING CHALLENGE, hence you will have the freedom to freely express your thoughts albeit in a restrained manner. But please try to convey your thoughts in as less words as possible. Usually lesser the better. A reader wants to read your main argument. Your ideas should not get lost amidst so many words.

Take a stand and substantiate it.

While expressing your opinion, please make sure that you do not just vent out your feelings without providing evidence to back your argument. Provide factual or conceptual evidence to support your argument. Illustrate with examples. Try to make it interesting.

This way of giving expression to your thoughts not only helps you in improving your writing, this will also help you speak better, especially during interview or in group discussion.

Word of Caution!

We request aspirants giving Prelims this year to not to spend more than half an hours on this initiative.

Final Note:

We are starting this initiative not to stop it anytime in the future. We have given so much thought, and also from previous experience have observed that actively engaging you helps us both. It helps you to overcome your inhibitions. It helps us to keep you engaged productively. It also helps us retain traffic and get some money from advertisements. But if you are a regular follower of our site, you might already be knowing that our main concern has always been YOU. (this is of paramount importance for us than anything else).

Nowadays preparing for UPSC is not a boring journey anymore. It is an intellectual journey where you discover new things every day, where you enrich yourself with new ideas and finally everything culminates to get you closer towards your dream. Whether you get rank or not, in the end you will be a rich person intellectually.

When we started it for the  first time on October 23, 2013 (Please Click Here), we received tremendous response. More than 240 opinions were posted within one hour. Few who participated that day have went on to become UPSC toppers today!

We hope this new initiative of ours will be useful for all of you. Participate in it to see if it benefits you or not. If not, you can always stay away from it. But, we firmly believe that this initiative will go long way in making your UPSC journey even more enjoyable and interesting. 🙂

This exam is all about  your opinion now. We hope Insights Daily Debates gives you an opportunity to express and refine your opinions.

We shall meet you on Monday Evening at sharp 8 pm. 

In the below comment box, we request you to list out Topics for these Daily Debates which you want to debate and Give ideas to make this initiative enriching. Other constructive opinions are also welcome.

Thank you.