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UPDATE: Timetable – Insights Self Study Guide for Prelims + Mains

We are very well aware that we are lagging behind the schedule of Self Study Guide. We had to complete Economics part by yesterday. We are yet to complete Economic Survey – 2015. We will complete this and move to next part anyway.

But, we hope you have done your part i.e. completing these books as per the schedule. 🙂

From tomorrow we were to start History portion. We have completed Art and Culture part except for NIOs chapters. We will be completing them in next timetable along with history part.

We will extend present timetable till Monday. Something tells us the Economic Survey is very important this year both for Prelims and Mains. Hence, we don’t want to skip it at any cost.

From Tuesday (July 28) we will cover history portion. On Monday (July 27) we will provide the next Timetable.

We had to complete the timetable on August 10th. Now, we will complete it on August 15th. We will ensure that next timetables will be smooth.

Recent result disrupted our schedule. Apologies for unexpected delays.

As you know, we will also take up Environment part again after History part. This will ensure that just before exam you will be covering most important parts. We hope you are revising very well. If not, please revise regularly.

Also leave feedback in the comment box how this Self Study was useful until now (Please let us know how it made difference to your approach to preparation etc. We need this information more than anything to keep improving what we do) .

Thank you.