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Clarification Regarding Our Offline Classes and Other Thoughts

We are receiving many emails enquiring us about details of our offline class thanks to our students who excelled in CSE-2014. Five out of of the 19 who wrote our tests regularly between September – 2014 to December – 2014 have got top ranks and all five will be getting into IAS.

Now, many are asking us to allow them to be part of the programme even before we have formally announced about the program. Regarding this, we want to clear some doubts.

What was the secret behind the success of these students from our class?

We will give you an honest answer to this question:

1) They were extremely determined

2) They were humble to the core and had faith in One Strategy

3) They worked very hard. Never missed a test. They took tests of Optional subjects despite having tough time in managing General Studies papers. They wrote nearly 25 essays in three months.

4) They were receptive to feedback and adopted changes in their style of writing. They never doubted what they were following.

5) They read few things repeatedly instead of reading more things once or twice

It was their attitude, character and hard work which got them their ranks.

Then, what was our role?

1) We conducted tests regularly

2) We gave feedback initially. Later all they needed was practice and practice.

Our role was extremely limited (we are not saying this to sound like Good guys. We are saying this because this is The Fact)

Why are we telling this now?

We are concerned that just because success rate was high from our class, it doesn’t mean that you have to be here to taste success. We were also aspirants once and we know how hard it is to move from one place to another with all the load of books and other luggage.

Therefore, it is our endeavour to provide a platform for you to study from home itself. Please use this website to the fullest and work hard from your place itself. As you might have seen this year, many who got ranks have done this. You too can. Please don’t fall into the trap that Insights or for that matter any One coaching centre will help you get a rank just because many got ranks from this or that institution. It is YOU who has the power to achieve what  you want to achieve.

Most important part in this journey is that you should follow one strategy one guidance and have faith in what you have chosen to follow. Please do not scout for too many resources, too many websites and too many mentors. You know what to read and what not to. Follow it religiously with undying faith and success shall be yours.

Why we take less people to our class?

Our aim is to provide personal feedback which is qualitative. It is impossible to provide feedback to more than 30 people personally at this point of time. If not quality will be compromised.

We will make every effort to make this website useful for you in your preparation in every way. Please follow our initiatives. They won’t disappoint you if you faithfully follow them.  You can see the results this year. Don’t be lured by glitzy magazines, books and websites (some copycats of Insights’ initiatives) in the market.

You have good old Mrunal to clear concepts (especially economics), GKToday for basic info, Wikipedia for all the facts, numerous youtube channels for informative and motivational videos, The Hindu and Yojana for current events and finally a set of standard books including NCERTs to gain fundamental knowledge on basics.

This doesn’t mean that we are opposed to coaching. You might need coaching for your Optional subject.

Together let’s make a constructive community where we help each other. Let’s create a positive environment where everybody feels happy to participate. Where even a person sitting at his home in a remote village feels there is someone with him to help him out.

Please review others’ answers. It is not sufficient if you write answers in your notebook and keep quiet. Please provide inputs so that others find it useful and get motivated to participate regularly and move towards their dream. We too will participate eventually. We are finding it difficult to manage it now, but we will be part of this process soon.

Wherever you are, keep reading, keep writing and keep revising. If you do these consistently, no force on this earth will snatch victory from you. Just keep going.