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New Initiative: Guaranteed Daily Feedback on Your Answers at Secure – 2015

Daily Feedback on Your Answers at Secure – 2015

Finally it’s here. We will be giving feedback on your answers written at Insights Secure – 2015 – starting from tomorrow itself.

We would like to continue this initiative as long as possible (just like Secure Initiative). This will be done like this:

  1. As it is impossible to give feedback on all the answers, we will give detailed feedback on Five Answers per Question. If there are ten questions posted, there will be Fifty reviews.
  2. When we say Five Reviews, it means Five different participants writing answer to a particular question will get their answers reviewed.
  3. For example: Participants A,B,C,D and E answering Q1 will get reviews on their answers for Q1. Other Participants – F,G,H,I and J will get their answers reviewed for Q2. Like this, reviews will be given till Q10 (we intend to post maximum 10 questions every day. It can be less than Ten Questions, but not more than this. Of course on rare occasions when there are lots of relevant articles published in newspapers, the number of questions posted might be more than Ten in number)
  4. Like this, every day 50 participants will get their answers reviewed. If more aspirants are posting their answers, then next 50 will get their answers reviewed next day.
  5. In this way we intend to review everyone’s answer in the coming days.
  6. Reviews will be given on the same day itself.

Our team will give you a detailed feedback. We won’t just say that your answer is good or bad: we will suggest where you can improve and why; what’s missing in your answer etc.

Ok, we are aware that Prelims – 2015 is nearing!

But there are aspirants who are preparing for 2016  and there are also aspirants who are confident about clearing Prelims and want to practice writing answers. This initiative is mainly for these aspirants.

Those who are preparing seriously for Prelims-2015 and do not want to write now should not feel bad at all – we will continue this initiative even after Prelims – 2015. Your answers will be reviewed then. Please do not get confused – let your focus be on Prelims – 2015.

We would like to tell you that we are not experts. We will be reviewing your answers by asking ourselves these following questions:

  • Have you understood the question?
  • Is your answer meeting the demand of the question?
  • Does your answer answer the question?
  • Have you written something extra which is not needed?
  • Have you written less than what is required?
  • Have you written within the word limit?
  • Is your answer balanced?
  • Have you followed a definite structure?

These are few questions which would guide us in reviewing your answers.

Please assume this as more of a peer review rather than an expert review.

Please do not worry about quality of your answer. If you write consistently for 15-20 days, read others answers and rectify mistakes, you will certainly improve.  A good review will help you further in this regard.

This particular initiative was a long pending request from many aspirants and we are happy that finally we are in a position to fulfill it.

You can also upload your answers in image format. Please make sure that handwriting is legible and the image quality is good. (Some miscreants are now and then trying to upload indecent images – if you see such images in comments, please immediately mark them as spam or flag them for moderation)

Success in this exam depends on many factors of which practising answer writing is the most important one. We hope we do justice to this initiative. We will be polite when we point out your mistakes. Take them in good stride and work on those mistakes.

If you find our feedback lacking in quality, please inform us. We will improve our quality.

It is also requested that you should continue to review each others answers and create a constructive atmosphere. By sharing and caring everyone here will improve.

If you can afford time, please review others answers (in case you are withholding back yourself from commenting on others answers). Commenting helps you develop new perspectives on a particular topic. This greatly helps when you write your own answers.

Finally your support (moral) is crucial in sustaining our initiatives. Sometimes we commit mistakes. Excuse us and point them out politely (or bluntly without being abusive). Sometimes we may not be able to respond  (because of certain unavoidable reasons), please bear with us during such times.

A Request:

Please do not request us in comment box to review your answers. We will review any five answers. Please go through them. They might help you rectify your mistakes (if you have made any). Your turn will come some day.  If everyone start asking for a review, it becomes difficult to respond (ethical dilemma!). So, it is a humble request from our side.

Thank you and wish you all the Best. 🙂