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DAY – 24: Insights Self Study Guide for UPSC Prelims + Mains – 2015

DAY – 24: Insights Self Study Guide for Prelims + Mains – 2015

29 June 2015

Following Questions are Based on this TIMETABLE


Chapters  Which are not Covered Today Will be Covered in Next Posts

Descriptive Questions

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1) Write a note on any four devices of Parliamentary proceedings in India and explain their importance. (200 Words)

Laxmikanth, Indian Polity, Chapter – 22, Parliament

2) Examine the difference between money bill and ordinary bill introduced in the Houses of  Indian Parliament. Compare and contrast the powers of Rajya Sabha vis a vis the US Senate when it comes to passing of bills of different nature. (200 Words) 

Laxmikanth, Indian Polity, Chapter – 22, Parliament

Multiple Choice Questions Quiz

Welcome to the New initiative. The following questions are based on the topics we have given in this Timetable. For more challenging question papers (Full Length), please join our Preliminary Exam – 2015 Test Series (Please Click Here for Reviews)

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