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UPDATE + REMINDER: Insights Self Study Guide Initiative – We Will Cover Art and Culture Too

Hope you are following our Self Study Initiative. This post (or message) is for aspirants who are following our New Initiative (if you are not following it, please follow). We actually do not know how many of you are following it. We do our duty and carry on with our work. We don’t like to be intrusive.

As Saturday and Sunday are reserved for revision, we request you to revise well all the questions  you have solved now. You know that first revision takes bit lot of time, then this times goes on decreasing when you revise again and again. Hope you are revising all the books. Please do not ignore this suggestion. Some of you might find this suggestion as ‘unsolicited’; but we honestly think want you to succeed. Why? Your success is our success. Therefore we want to go extra mile and push you.

Update on the Initiative:

We will be covering Art and Culture from NCERT Class XI ‘Introduction to Indian Art’ (Click Here to see the book) along with Economy part which will be taken up next when we complete Polity topics. This book is extremely important for Prelims. If time permits, please read it now itself, so that you can read even better when we give you next Timetable.

Art and culture part was missing in the timetable. Now it will be taken care of. As you know it is very important for Mains as well. We will ask descriptive questions as well.

Please spread the word about this new initiative. Share it on social media groups (only if you think it is worth sharing).

Please revise. You should score 120+ in GS-1. So that immediately you can start Mains preparation (for which we will be starting another exciting initiative! after prelims) 🙂

As always, please leave feedback. Thank you.