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Are You Scared of UPSC Prelims – 2015?


We recently received few emails where aspirants have expressed their fears about preliminary exam – 2015. Any new change will not be accepted without apprehensions and fears. The new changes brought by UPSC to the civil services preliminary exam have given rise to many speculations regarding the nature of question papers, their difficulty and competition levels etc.

If someone spreads a rumour that UPSC is going to increase the difficulty level of General Studies paper (Paper -1 ), it is definitely going to have some impact on aspirants who perceive that they are weak in this paper. If someone says that competition will be tough due to increased number of applications; or due to the increased number of attempts and age relaxation, then it might disturb some aspirants who have taken this exam as life and death situation.

But the question is: do these changes really matter? Should you be worried? Scared? Anxious?

No. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced aspirant, you should not worry about speculations. You should not worry about the changes too. Welcome these changes. Face them head on. Prepare so well that let UPSC ask any type of question, of any difficulty level – every challenge it throws at you should become a cakewalk.

Please clearly remember One Fact. The real competition is between only few thousand candidates. One million people apply for this exam, but only less than ten thousand people actually ‘prepare’ in such a way that they actually have a greater chance of getting a rank.

You are one of them provided you are seriously preparing for this exam in such a way that there is no room for uncertainty in getting selected to civil services. What does ‘serious preparation’ constitute then?

  1. Have you read basic books?
  2. Have you revised basic concepts?
  3. Are you revising what you are reading or writing?
  4. Are you practising for this exam – both for prelims and mains – i.e. solving MCQs and writing answers to model questions?
  5. Are you regularly studying and practising Optional subject?
  6. Are you reading newspapers regularly and analysing current issues with your own views?
  7. Are you consistent in your daily routine?
  8. Are you rectifying your mistakes?

If your answer is Yes, you might be the next topper in UPSC civil services exam. Above things constitute real exam preparation. Only few thousands do this kind of preparation and finally get selected.

Coming back to the question of preliminary exam – 2015, we have around 55 days to go. Where do you stand now? How to approach it now considering very few days remain?

First, consider yourself one among these extremely serious few thousand aspirants. You are going after a rank. You should not write this exam for the sake  of getting ‘experience’. You are here on a mission. Remember all those sacrifices – of yours and your parents’. Every penny, every minute and every calorie of energy spent during your exam preparation should not be a waste.

As a first step, consider that you are a tough competitor. A strong purpose is what propels you forward. It brings seriousness.

Now, without wasting time, start revising basics. If you are reading this, chances are more that you are not entirely a fresher who is going to start your preparation today. If you are one of this kind, still consider this suggestion. This will be useful in your next attempt.

Do not read too many materials. Revise what you already have. In case you are finding it difficult to manage your preparation, please go through our new initiative: Insights Self Study Guide (read Feedback here). We have given you a definite timetable to follow. If you follow it religiously, be sure of scoring good marks in Paper-1.

Considering too less time, the above initiative will definitely infuse both purpose and seriousness which is required to gain good confidence.

What about all the rumours?

As said earlier, you must face them head on. We are giving both easy and tough questions in the above mentioned new initiative. They should help you face different kinds of questions in real exam.

It is rumoured that the question papers will be difficult this year. Our belief is that the papers will be of same difficulty level as last year’s. And the word ‘difficult’ is subjective. If UPSC asks too many facts or too many questions on S&T or ecology topics, this might be difficult for some and easy for others. Therefore, a holistic preparation is required where you need to make yourself familiar with all aspects of exam syllabus.

To be ready to face a difficult challenge, you must practice a lot. Practising also includes revision. Please revise everything NOW itself. Then solve the questions we are freely posting on our website.

How about competition?

Let one more million aspirants write this exam. Ultimately the battle is between only those few thousands who really struggle every day every minute and prepare well for this exam.

It is not easy to be consistent. Every one will not be consistent. They become vulnerable to various factors and lose focus. You are not one of them. If you think you are one of them, immediately bring back your focus on this exam. Remember why you started this journey.

Remind yourself how a failure to clear prelims would cost you so dearly. Scary right? Don’t be skeptical and say that you have too little time. Don’t postpone your plans (or fears) for next year/next attempt. (Some aspirants, even after spending 2-3 years in this exam preparation, think that they can write better next time. And many times repeat same mistakes. And same feeling revisits them during next attempt when exam is nearing!)

If you start now and be consistent, you will still be part of the race. What is stopping you from working hard and smart? It might be lack of confidence or unknown fear. For a week do preparation as outlined above, your fears will be gone.

We are not saying these things just for the sake of saying them. These are practical solutions. We have received feedback that following a systematic timetable has boosted many aspirant’s morale.

Only thing that distinguishes a successful candidate from the unsuccessful one is: Consistency.

As we said in one of our previous articles, if you start now, your journey must end up at Mussoorie, at the doorsteps of Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration.

When you have got an opportunity to realize your dream, realize it. If not, regret will be your constant companion for life.

You will be a topper one day. You just have to believe this and do things right. Wish you all the best 🙂


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