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Insights Prelims Test Series – 2015: Clarification of Doubts Regarding Test Series

We keep receiving many mails asking us to clarify doubts regarding our ongoing test series for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2015. So, we thought it as appropriate to write a post about it in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Is this Test Series still open? Can I enroll now?

  • Yes. It is open for subscription and you can enroll even now. Please click this link to enroll (if you trust the quality)

Till when can I subscribe?

  • We will close this Test Series on 1st August 2015. You can buy them till then.

I am late, how many tests are over and how many remain?

  • This test series has 35 Full Length tests based on NCERT and other standard books (You can see details HERE) Till now 27 Tests are over. 6 more remain to be sent.  Moreover, you will also get 20 tests of 2014 test series absolutely free!

Is this test series online?

  • In a way Yes. We send you PDF tests to your email ID. You can download them anytime and solve them anytime at your convenience.

In what form would you conduct tests?

  • As said above, we send PDF files of question paper and solutions. Unlike others we send detailed solutions to almost all questions. You will get 53 Tests with detailed solution to almost 5000 questions!

Do you conduct offline tests?

  • No. We do not conduct offline tests for Prelims.

Where is your exam center in Delhi?

  • We do not have centers anywhere in India. We are based solely in Bangalore.

What will I get if I subscribe immediately?

  • You will get 27 Tests (from 2015 series)  + 20 Tests (from 2014 series) as soon as you subscribe.

How long it takes for you to send tests?

  • We usually send within one hour unless we are busy with some personal work (food, sleep etc)

Will you provide any other material?

Where do I get full schedule?

As I am late, will this test series be useful?

  • This depends. Our tests are designed to make you read all relevant materials in a systematic manner; they help you refresh your basics and help you read NCERT and other books meaningfully( Hope you have seen our new self study guide – to get an idea)
  • If you have read all basics and want to revise them thoroughly, then please buy our test series (again, if you are convinced about quality).
  • If you are about to start your preparation and want to just try 2015 Prelims, please do not waste your money. You can buy the next one.
  • If you are determined to crack 2015 at any cost and you have less time, then please buy our tests and solve them as many times as possible. They will not let you down. You will be touching upon almost all topics that are important for Prelims – 2015.
  • If you had depended solely on CSAT till now to clear Prelims and finding it hard to cover vast syllabus of GS-1, then please buy our tests and solve them. Revise them. You won’t be disappointed.
  • So, Yes. If you are serious and want to clear prelims, you must solve as many tests as possible. We always tell you to buy a test series of your liking, and at the same time request you to consider ours too.

How should I manage these tests as there are only few day left for Prelims – 2015?

  • This is an important question. Irrespective of your level of preparation, start solving at least two tests every day. After solving, please go through solutions and rectify all your mistakes (our tests are not perfect, they have some mistakes here and there – we will rectify them and send our subscribers corrigendum soon).
  • Revise solutions and go back to textbooks to read more about the concept and reinforce it in your memory.
  • Please do not worry about scores. Our tests are NOT meant for competition. They are meant to make you aware of your weaknesses and strengths. Don’t worry if you get 40 or 50 out of 200. Go ahead and learn why and where you got no marks. Prelims Test Series is not about scoring All India Rank. It is about strengthening your basics and help you face the real test with confidence. Confidence comes when you know your basics well.

I am aiming for 2016, shall I buy these tests?

  • No. Please wait till August – 2015. If you subscribe  2016 series, you will get 2015 (and 2014) tests for free! Till then please follow our Self Study Guide.

Can you provide us a timetable to solve these tests?

  • You can follow our Self Study Guide to complete all your basics. Along with this, please solve at least two tests every day. As you have less time, it is advisable to solve as many tests as possible. It is difficult to prepare timetable for each individual.

Your Test Series is Costly, Please reduce its price

  • For Rs 5999/- you will get good quality 52 Tests. All are of full length i.e. you will get to practice more than 5000 questions. Compare this cost and quality with other Test Series: Click Here & Here
  • You can also read reviews of our test series HERE.

Hope this post clears all your doubts.

In case you have made up your mind to buy our test series, Please click the below link to make the payment:


Finally, this post is a gentle reminder that Prelims is approaching and you should not leave anything to chance. Practicing is more important now. Wish you all the best.

For any other doubt, please feel free to mail us at: insights dot exams at gmail dot com