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UPDATE: Timetable for Insights Self Study Guide for Prelims + Mains – 2015

Hope first seven days of this new Initiative were useful to you. We received many positive emails and comments regarding this initiative. As promised, the next Timetable will be given tomorrow.

Saturday and Sunday will be reserved for revision. As you might have noticed, instead of five MCQs, we are giving you nearly fifteen questions every day. We believe, these questions in addition to our Test Series questions will help you prepare comprehensively for this year’s exam.

We will post next Timetable tomorrow evening.

We will cover General Science and Geography part of the Prelims syllabus during next Ten Days. If you have followed our timetable religiously, you might have gained confidence over environment and ecology part of the syllabus by now. As you know, this initiative is not the end. You must update your knowledge from newspapers and magazines as well.

Before we post next timetable, we would like to hear from you – How useful was this initiative for you? Did it help you prepare well for this exam? Did it help in boosting your confidence?

Please come out of your inhibition/comfort zone and post your feedback in the comment box below. We would like to improve and your honest feedback helps us in this regard.

Note: Please do not ask us to post more questions! It’s a humble request. Thank you 🙂