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Timetable for Insights Secure – 2015: Static Part (April 16 to June 14)

We are posting Timetable of static part to be covered during next two months (April – 16 to June 14). During this time important books such as Laxmikanth’s Indian Polity, Bipan Chandra’s India Since Independence, Goh Cheng Leong’s Geography book, Economic Survey – 2015 and all NCERT Geography Books on India will be completely covered.

Those who hate Bipan Chandra can read Guha’s India After Gandhi. But we suggest you to read India Since Independence too (at least selectively).

Sometimes, targets are huge. If you want to finish a book on time, you need to push yourself hard and read all suggested chapters without fail.  If you want to clear both Prelims and Mains, you should read these books along with current events.

We have seen in our offline classes that these targets are achievable. You too can do this. If you are after a rank, you need to do this.

By Prelims you will have studied all relevant books if you stick to this plan. Again, it is voluntary and left to your discretion whether to follow this plan or not.

Sometimes due to some unavoidable reasons, we may postpone or modify some topics (very rarely though).

Please click the links below to Download Timetable:

Insights Secure – Static Portion – Timetable – March 16 to June 14