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Revision Questions – Static Portion – March 29 to April 12



Answer the following questions in not more than 200 Words each.

1) “The Constitution drew its authority from the fact that members of the Constituent Assembly engaged in what one might call public reason.” Examine how ‘Public Reason’ was instrumental while drafting Indian Constitution and what effect it had on the philosophy of the Constitution.


2) “Ironically, communalism in India got its initial start in the 1 880s when Syed Ahmed Khan counterposed it to the national movement initiated by the National Congress. ” Elaborate.


3) “The nationalist leadership failed to some extent in raising the religious political consciousness of Muslims to the higher plane of secular political consciousness.” Critically examine.


4) What are the commonalities and differences between North Indian and South Indian temples?  Discuss.


5) Critically analyse the relationship between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy.


6) What were the reasons behind transformation of Liberal communalism into Extremist communalism during the national movement? Who were its protagonists? Critically comment.


7) Critically analyse the major factors that led to the partition of India.


8) How is judicial activism related to the protection of fundamental rights? Has it helped in expanding the scope of fundamental rights? Examine.


9) In India sculpturing in stone and metal happened simultaneously. In your opinion what were the similarities and differences between both technically, stylistically and functionally? Examine.


10) Critically comment on Twelfth Five Year Plan strategy. Do you think five year plans should be discontinued? Substantiate.


Note: Those chapters which we haven’t covered in previous timetable will be covered in Next timetable.