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MOTIVATION: For The Freshers

Hey Guys!

The last couple of times, we wrote here, one of our friends – Varsha pointed out that we have been writing about the interview process and the challenges and haven’t had much for the freshers.

I do understand and appreciate that the pressures you guys are facing are also quite tremendous and you are starting with a new zeal and passion to make this happen.

There is something beautiful about starting a process afresh

– You are in with a new breeze of energy, lots of optimism and a great deal of confidence which can work amazingly in your favour

– Your fear levels are relatively less compared to someone who has tasted a bit of a setback in the process. You need to cash in on that

– You will be competing with the freshers and the experienced ones alike. With the exams becoming very demanding by the day, it becomes very important as to how you target the exams . Your competition is not just your friend but also hundreds of them out there who feel equally passionate about the exams if not more.

I know that you have already started your preparation and some of you are already ahead taking the tests and trying to understand how you place the test scores.

– The tests you take from now are going to be quite crucial considering that most of them will be comprehensive ones.

– The exam is not looking for an expert, it is looking for a generalist. So we need not be experts in one subject, a lot of it is about time management and the questions you choose to answer. For that we propose a three pronged method to split the paper into easy, moderate and difficult sections. We will talk about this again when the exams get closer. For those of you who are very curious, you can check this post which talks about 8 crucial skills to keep you exam confident. 

– Start looking at the exams more holistic from now on. You need to clear both paper 1 and paper 2, identify your strengths. The time is right to create your game plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. Work on them now. If you need any help with the game plan, write to us below and we will come up with a model game plan which you can customize based on your needs. But for that, we need you to write a few things about goal setting. You can find a goal setting template hereYou can use this template to come up with a personalize plan along with deadlines and your final goal. If you like to share, please do upload the goal plan below and we would be happy to comment on the same. For now, work on the prelims goal plan and we can revisit it when it comes to the mains and interviews.

This is all for the start now. We can proceed from here based on your response to the goal setting plan and can take it from here.

Theoretically there is no one solution for this exam since the pattern is so wide and so huge. But the idea is to identify if we are falling for the common traps and missing on the bigger picture.

And I agree that each of our plans are personal and each one makes perfect sense for the individual. If you are not willing to share the plan, I can completely understand but do make the plan for yourself. I cannot promise you that it is going to solve everything. But I can promise you that it can be a great start to streamline your preparation from here.

Your strategies might not ensure you a 100% success but they sure will get you there in an easier manner :)..