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MOTIVATION: Handling The Mounting Tension

Vinay Nagaraju


Howdy folks! I can understand that the tension would be blooming with the results of mains close by and the fact that it can come any day. The others are wondering when to start the prelims preparation.

So, let us continue this post from our previous one, where we talked about this stage of uncertainty and how we are going to take things ahead from here. In the last post, we discussed about how best we can use the time zone we are in now.

The wait is certainly on and none of us really know the exact date the results are going to come. So, let us leave it at that now. Instead let us focus on what we can do at the moment to make our preparation at its best.

– We talked about the guys who have given their mains and are hopeful about the interviews. It is the time to work on your profiles, maybe read interview of previous candidates so that you get a hang of what is going to be asked.

– I do understand that these interviews seem erratic and the questions go everywhere. But it makes sense to prepare on the commonly asked ones so that you don’t make many mistakes on the simple questions. You can falter on the harder ones but you cannot let the simple ones bug you

– Keep a keen eye on the discussions of national and international issues and how they affect the country as a whole. It is a usual practice in the interviews to talk about current matters. They would like to know how your thoughts are structured. So, try and frame a balanced opinion about the issues. Be close to your newspapers and magazines and try to go beyond what you can see. It is in these intellectual discussions where you can make a difference.

– For those who are on the edge – I know it is a very difficult place to be in and pretty hard to keep yourself motivated. If you are reeling under such a case, I would still suggest you to start something. Pick a belief – either it is going to happen or not and work accordingly. Don’t be stuck in the middle. It doesn’t help you much. Take one belief and stick to it. Either ways – you are ahead of the preparation and are working towards something

– The fear of results is natural and the answer is going to reveal itself in a few days. Don’t bother yourself about it now. Now is not the time. If you have relaxed enough and feel like getting back on the wagon, the time is right. Identify the mistakes you made in the previous shot and look at what you can do to rectify them and you will find the answers accordingly.

Above all, get into action and get into solving your situations. That is the most important thing you can do now.

Here are a few motivational quotes to keep you going.