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MOTIVATION: After A Long Hiatus

Hello guys!

It sure has been a long time since we interacted on the motivation section and I was thinking of restarting a  few activities here.

I understand that you guys are in a mixed process now – the mains are over. Folks are waiting for their results in anticipation of their interviews. Some others are wondering when the dates are going to be and the fate of the results would be.

Few more are trying to gain some momentum about the preparation process and wondering how to plan their prelims. Some others are wondering how they could better their preparation for the next time.

No matter what stage you are in, I am sure there is something which binds us all here – the love for administration. I do understand that it has been a long gap and it has been a while since we interacted, but I would like to make sure that we do keep posts coming up more often on the motivation section from now on.

So, without much ado, I would like to dedicate this post to you and instead ask you the kind of stuff you would like us to write from now. Each week, we will make sure to pick up 3 such topics as suggested/requested by you and write about the same.

Today, we shall start with a small post on the folks waiting for their interview results.

I do understand that waiting is perhaps one of the hardest things to do and I have constantly hated the feeling of uncertainty and questioned myself as to how to face this situation. But no matter how we feel about it, we all know that we have to wait cos that is something we cannot avoid. But there is something we can do about this uncertainty right now and let us focus on that for a while

– No one knows what the results are going to be – not your coaching institute, nor a member of the UPSC commission, nor your friendly neighbourhood astrologer. So instead of fretting over it, just keep it at bay for now – try and focus on something you can really do.

– Take a break, travel a bit and get reacquainted with yourself

– Read a great book, maybe some autobiographies and some really motivational stuff or the ethical stuff for decision making which can come in quite handy for your interviews.

– As usual, don’t lose touch with your magazines and newspapers, they will always come to your rescue.

– Build your profile further. You know what you have written  in the applications. You can start working on how you can defend your profile. Maybe pick up an internship to understand how things go so that you can gain some professional experience.

– Work on your hobbies. You might have said a lot of things on the application form, maybe work on a few of them. Sometimes the questions can be as simple as what you did after the mains and as complicated as any of the international issues.

– Keep the debates on, talk to people, discuss the views and opinions and understand the multiple dimensions a problem can have. An interview board would want to look at your analyzing skills than just the final decision. They would like to know how you arrived at that decision.

– Maintain balance with yourself. Don’t let the situations rattle you. Let the neighbours or your peers/friends talk what they want. Right now, turn a deaf ear on them and focus on what you want the most. You know how much time you have dedicated for the process. There is no point in letting an XYZ person come and stand between you and your goal. This time is crucial. Invest on yourself.

If you are still at cross roads with uncertainty, here are 10 simple ways to handle uncertainty in life

Above all, be at peace with yourself, it becomes extremely important how calm and collected you are at this stage for that is going to define a lot to your character and what you portray for the coming times.

These were the simple starters for our reentry. We will be getting more into details with time and of course your suggestions are most welcome cos this section of insights is for you and we would like to write about what is going on in your mind :).