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The Big Picture – AAP Sweep: What are the national implications?


The overwhelming victory of the AAP and decimation of national level parties in Delhi elections have opened up several possibilities. With BJP retaining 32% of votes, it has something to defend. But Congress has failed miserably both in terms of seats and votes share. AAP, now, is looking forward to expand its presence all across the country. The Lok Sabha Election was disastrous for AAP.

The two national parties have accepted their defeat and welcomed the new party. AAP is now going to become a part of the game, the rules of which they are going to change. The task ahead is difficult and it requires every kind of courage and every kind of capacity. It is being said that BJP’s privatisation plans have backfired the party. AAP’s main aim is to fight against corruption and they are willing to change the present political culture. This has created mandate for different kind of politics. Real interaction, real inputs and direct engagement with the people have brought AAP this victory.

The debate on political party reforms has been going on in this country for some time now. AAP has set an example with various new and transparent initiatives in this regard. AAP puts up details of funding on its website in public domain. This is a welcome step, even though it makes the party vulnerable. High command culture in political parties has undercut the workers participation and AAP has been opposing it. The party is seen as pro poor.

Experts say that the nature and kind of political language that AAP is using, appeals to only urban constituencies at this point of time. And hence, it is difficult for AAP to overcome identity politics in other states. While the AAP says that the quest to go beyond the politics of identity to politics of survival may give them a chance to extend their base to other states. AAP will have a new kind of political activism.

Politics and governance will be result oriented from now on. AAP now will be put to governance test in which they will have to engage and educate the people. And also take the bureaucracy on their board. It is also true that delivery is not as easy as winning the elections. It is the time for introspection for all other national parties. AAP has other challenges like Globalisation, land reforms, police reforms etc. before it. The party is still unclear about some major economic issues.