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The Big Picture – Has Indian defence policy kept up to nation’s needs?


One of the least discussed areas, especially in the parliament, is the defence sector.

More often than not we witness the defence budget being passed without any discussion or very little discussion.

The scrutiny which is necessary therefore gets overlooked.

The Indian defence forces have gone through rough times during the last couple of years.

The need for a Comprehensive national security strategy dealing with wide spectrum of challenges is necessary.

India’s defence preparedness across the board has many glaring deficiencies.

We have been particularly deficient in strategic thinking.

Lack of strong manufacturing base is also a major deficiency in the whole strategic planning.

70% of our military requirements are being imported.

Lack of weaponry required is also a problem.

Modernization of armed forces is not taking place at the rate at which threats and challenges are enhancing.

We are at 1.74% of GDP on defence which is the lowest in our post- independence history.

Border area road development needs a push.

There is a very little coordination present between the verticals involved in the defence industry.

Private sector’s role in defence sector has to be enhanced.

49% FDI is allowed in the defence sector.

R&D needs more and more investment and support from the government. R&D expenditure is only 6.7%. The bulk of investment should be in capital and not in revenue.

A long term defence policy is also required.