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Ethics and Integrity – Insights Secure – 2015, December 27, 2014

TopicInformation sharing and transparency in government;  accountability and ethical governance; strengthening of ethical and moral values in governance;

11)  You are working as District Health Officer in a backward district. You are asked by the government to order all Primary Health Clinics (PHC) to conduct sterilization programmes to control births. In one of the camps, post – sterilization, ten women die due to some infections. Post-mortems reveal that the deaths were due to the infection cause due to use of non-sterilized instruments used during surgeries. You get a call from the Health Minister asking you to prepare a report blaming the deaths on contaminated medicines and to conclude that doctors or the government had no role in this tragedy. Even doctors from all PHCs contact you and request you to prepare a false report to save them and their families. Some of them also suggest you to falsify the post-mortem report so that the media never comes to know the truth. If you reveal the truth, the government has warned you that, all blame would be put on you and you will be sent to jail and the government wouldn’t defend you.

a) Examine the ethical issues involved in the above case. (100 Words)

b) What course of action will you take in this situation? Explore your options and explain which option you will choose and why. (150 Words)

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