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Insights Mock Tests for 2014 UPSC Mains Starts Tomorrow

We are conducting free mock tests for 2014 Mains. It will start tomorrow. We wanted to conduct these last Saturday and Sunday itself, but because of some problem with the website we could not. We hope it’s not too late, especially for those who have prepared well. These mock tests are intended to give you little practice just before exam to ward-off your fears (if you have any). This is just a warm-up exercise. These tests are not intended to predict any probable questions for this year’s Mains. Nobody can beat UPSC. If you have read our compilations thoroughly, you can answer these tests with confidence (but then not a single question will be repeated from these compilations in these mock exams!)

We will upload papers few minutes before the start of exam time (it can be one hour or half an hour before exam starts – this is to avoid website crash). You can download it five minutes before the exam time and start answering as soon as time is up. Commenting will be closed till exam starts.

You can download and print the question paper and start answering (It will be a Questions Paper cum Answer PDF) or you can keep ready your own answer booklet for answering purpose.  Once you download question paper, please disconnect from internet and start answering 🙂 (This is because 2015 aspirants will start answering these questions (read below) and you might  get distracted)

For 2015 Aspirants:

Those who are preparing for 2015 can answer questions on the website itself (just like at Secure, we will post questions in comment box). It’s not possible for an individual to post all answers. You can post 2-3 answers. Please do not answer an already answered question. Answer it only if the posted answer is not good. This way we can have answers to all the questions by the end of the day. This will be useful for the ones writing Mains this year. And this will also help you in your own preparation.

Request to 2015 aspirants: Please download the question paper after 9 am in the morning session and after 2 pm in the afternoon session. If everyone starts downloading at the same time, site may go down. It’s a humble request. Thank you.

Time Table:

1) 09 December 2014

Morning Session 9 am to 12 pm

General Studies Paper – 1

Afternoon Session 2 pm to 5 pm

General Studies Paper – 2

2) 10 December 2014

Morning Session 9 am to 12 pm

General Studies Paper – 3

Afternoon Session 2 pm to 5 pm

General Studies Paper – 4

3) 11 December 2014

Morning Session 9 am to 12 pm



Final Note: This is a free exam for all. We don’t collect any of your information. You don’t have to acknowledge anything too. We just hope these tests will be useful in your last minute preparation. Thank you.