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News Analysis: Maoist Attack on Security Forces



  • 14 CRPF personnel have been killed and 12 injured by maoist attack in chhattisgarh
  •  preliminary report suggests that there was an ambush and maoist took villagers as shield.
  • 2014 alone there were 3 incidents of maoist attack in the same area.
  • Also we have seen highest number of maoist surrenders this year, which suggests that security forces are closing in and they are on the run.
  • So some reports says it’s a last ditch effort by maoists to show to the world about their presence and still up for revolution fighting for landless labourers, tribal people and disadvantaged.


  •  Right from the central govt level it is coordinated by union Home ministry where there is Anti-maoist department where all state govt representatives including police force will be part of. Some element of air force personnel also will be represented to coordinate.
  • It is our central govt policy not to use air power against our own people who are disgrunted and hopes that they will come into mainstream soon unlike insurgents from Pakistan where F16 combat jets, gunships will also be used.
  • So the agenda to use air power like latest v17, v5 helicopters which are night capable just as a rescue and evacuation operations.
  • There is a CRPF IG level officer at the state capital along with a representative air force personnel to coordinate the air operations.


  1. Actionable intelligence must remain in focus which must be provided by central and state govt.
  2. Joint planning is very crucial. For instance an incidence in Jharkhand where CRPF received a tip off from the central IB. even though CRPF got the exact input where the maoist leader Arvindji was located, he was able to escape. This is because of lack of planning.
  3. So planning must be at various level

-Central govt level

-State govt level

-Intra-state and between the state govts

-Between  police force of state and CRPF

-IB and other agencies which provide intelligence.

  1. A national level coordination must be done rather at the state level, so that maoisim is considered not the state problem but looked holistically from the national level.
  2. Also jawans should be trained for the wild card kind of situation which may arise.
  3. More modernization is required in terms of weapons and training like

– Enhancing the training levels. Should be attached to the army where counter warfare and jungle war fare are thought and also becomes familiar with counter insurgency operations.

– Improvement in the communication so that they can be rapidly deployed at notice either through ground or air where it is densely forested area.

– Unmanned helicopters which are piloted from the ground level should be deployed when necessary.


Maoists who have a different agenda from that of naxalism which is well beyond grievances and resistance, who wants to use revolution as a means to occupy the state and central govt.

But concerns are definitely not void. Post 1991 economic reforms inequality has increased unprecedentedly. Also there are developmental problems, governance problems, people’s aspirations are not being met. Govt failed to ensure tribal rights, tribal produce share distribution and giving reckless permissions to the industries bypassing environmental laws and worst part, the benefits of growth or development seldom reaches the natives.

As the say goes ” above the richest resource portion of the land lies the poorest people”. So its high time that we should address these issues as well in parallel while handling internal security.