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Motivation: A Week Before The Exams

Vinay Nagaraju


Just about 10 days to go now. What is on your mind? What all is going on in that brain now?

Do any of these questions seem familiar?

– Do I have it in me to make it this year?

– What shall I do if I get the questions for which I have not prepared

– What if I am not able to remember the answers which I have prepared for?

– What do I do if I don’t clear this exam?

– What about time management, will I be able to write it all in the allocated time limit?

All these and more. I am sure that the mind is quite a maze now and all these questions are perfectly valid. Having said that, you don’t need to be asking yourself these questions right now. This is not the time for these questions. You need to be doing something smarter now.

10 days before the exam can be quite a mayhem with a lot of questions running on your mind and rightly so. But you need to align these questions for another day. You will have plenty of time to answer these questions after the exams. For now, all you need to focus on is how.

– How do you make yourself better

– How do you answer the best with what you have prepared

– How do you ensure that you try and remember everything you have revised so far

– How to make sure that you complete the paper no matter what

– How to make the best impression on the paper.

I do understand that it is very hard to steer away from the other questions which I talked about earlier. But that is why UPSC is said more about the EQ – Emotional Quotient than the IQ. So, right now, it is a test of your nerves, it is about how best you handle yourselves in pressure. For once, do not think about what the questions are going to be like, for once don’t fear about the results but promise yourself one thing – you are going to give in your best no matter what and you are going to do a pretty damn good job at it. And the rest will follow :).

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