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[UPSC Mains 2014] Insights Secure Questions on Current Events, 01 December 2014


01 December 2014

Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words

1) “The ‘payment bank’ initiative of RBI is both not viable and unwise.” Comment.

Business Standard

2) Critically examine India’s achievements in meeting the targets of Millenium Development Goals.

Business Standard

3) Examine what steps have been taken to manage the border between India and Bangladesh to stop illegal migration and infiltration from Bangladesh to India.

Business Standard

4) What do you understand by ‘Development’? Critically discuss with examples how important is people’s participation in development process.

The Hindu

5) “The government should contemplate the establishment of an Indian information technology service. The raison d’etre is the prime minister’s vision of a digital India.” Comment.

The Indian Express


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