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MOTIVATION: Less Than A Month To Go

Vinay Nagaraju

With less than a month to go, I am sure that the tensions are mounting and a lot of thoughts on your mind. Let us try identify what these thoughts are

– There is so much to study and so less time, I wonder how I am going to finish it

– How am I going to work on my revision now

– What if I don’t remember all I have studied so far?

– What if I don’t clear the exam?

– What if they give questions which I have not read?

– What if the other options are easy and mine are difficult

and so on..

Although we have not covered all the questions here, we can safely assume that there are two types of questions we can broadly classify

1) The ones we can act upon

These are the questions about your approach to the exam, what all you are going to read, how you are going to divide your time and how to make a clever mix of ideas, to make notes and so on. I think these are the thoughts which you should currently focus on and currently look at solving cos these are the ones you can act upon and generate results. But make sure that you keep the questions and turmoils to a minimum and your action to the max. Now is definitely not the time to ponder over how and what the questions might be, now it is going to be about how well you maintain yourself and your thought process and how balanced you are going to be for this exam. That is going to make a lot of difference going ahead

2) The ones you can’t

There are some questions for which you will not be able to find an answer either atleast till the exams are over or till the results are out. These thoughts are the ones like – what if I get questions on what I have not read, what if my optional is not easy, what if I am not going to make it this year. I am not saying that you should not get these thoughts. I am very sure we all go through these emotions. But more importantly, how we respond to it is going to make a lot of difference from here. The one month you have from here is going to be extremely precious and is going to play a huge role in the final decision as to what you are going to get and how well the ranks come to be. For these questions, there is time to find answers. Most times the answers you get will be unexpected cos you are trying to solve a future problem by being in the present which is certainly not the best way ahead.

Instead just look at one thing – what is the best you can do and keep focusing on that.

The rest will find a way to follow:

Source: Vinspire