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Regarding Present Commenting System (Disqus) – Your Opinion

Recently we introduced Disqus commenting system to make things easy for you. We personally love it. It has reduced load on our servers; it’s a real-time commenting system; it’s easy to post comments using any login ID without entering your details again and again; it’s easy to post your scanned answers and it’s super easy to ‘flag’ inappropriate comments and vote answers.

The complaints we are receiving is that it’s not easy to copy answers. It is difficult but not impossible. Other than this downside, we hardly see any other difficulties with Disqus.

Opinions and feedback matter to us, hence, to continue or discontinue the present system we need your honest opinion, especially from those who frequently comment at Secure. Please list out pros and cons of the Disqus based on your experience. Please take few minutes to provide your feedback. We will go by majority opinion.