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The Big Picture – Gaza Crisis: Should India be neutral?


  • The fighting in the GAZA strip over the last few years have taken the lives of many (of whom many are civilians).
  • As the international outrage against the incident has escalated, there seems to be no easy solution to the crisis.
  • Since India has diplomatic ties with both nations, any negative reference to any of the two countries would impact the friendly relations.
  • Given the hardening of the position, International community has to work hard to bring about a ceasefire. Ceasefire is the 1st step to stop this chapter of violence.
  • The Politics in Arab world and Palestine has been complicating the issue amongst other things.
  • Israelis have always come out very strong in the history.
  • The crisis is not between Hamas and Israel. The crisis is about the occupation of Palestine.
  • Israel conquered West Bank and Gaza strip in 1960s.
  • There are two separate laws in Israel each for Palestanians and Israelis. And this discriminatory treatment by the Israel has escalated the problem.
  • It is not the conflict between the people from both the countries but between the two governments.
  • S. has stayed away from this matter.
  • HAMAS has been classified as the terrorist organization by the US.
  • Stand should be taken based on morality.
  • Secular regime in India requires it to maintain neutrality and take a balanced stand on the issue.