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The Big Picture – Violations of Ceasefire: Why has it assumed such dimensions?


  • In the last couple of months the violation of ceasefire on INDO- PAK border in Jammu and Kashmir has escalated.
  • The firing has targeted even villages with most casualties being civilians including women and children.
  • Meanwhile the America is calling for talks between the two sides.
  • Political instability in Pak is escalating the problems.
  • Rationality and logic have not always been the reasons for attack on India.
  • Some experts term this as a covering fire to facilitate infiltration.
  • This is also an attempt to keep Kashmir issue internationally alert. And it is to gain high moral ground.
  • This matter has to be handled in a sober and mature fashion.
  • There is no apatite in the international community for focusing on Kashmir in the consistent manner.
  • Even we should not internationalize the issue.
  • No country allows separatists to meet. India has been allowing since 20 years.
  • The paradigm shift that India wants is not easy to achieve.