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MOTIVATION: Maintaining The Momentum

01_10_2014-marykom7Hey guys, it is a momentous day and I remember that a couple of our friends had asked me to make a post on ways to maintain momentum. I was thinking how I would start a post and then realized, what better than the amazing feat that has been achieved by Mary Kom today, our first boxing gold in Asian games and it fills me a huge surge of energy just to think about her and the amazing feat she has achieved. As a tribute to her today, we shall write a post on maintaining the lost momentum.

It is very interesting when people ask me – what the secret of success to UPSC is. The answer as with any field we choose to work on is consistency and passion. It is a beautiful thing to know how each one of them complement the other. I know that all the guys preparing now are at the peak of their emotional states, psyched up for the exam and yet somehow it is very tiring to do the same stuff over and over again and it feels like the whole route is lost. Here are a few tips to maintain that consistency.

1) WHY?! 

Remember why you are doing this. Keep telling yourself the reasons as to what made you get into the journey and what are the reasons for which it becomes important to you. Why did you make the start in the first place?!

2) Visualize your success

Think how it will be to find your name in the rank list. Think how your friends will react, how your family, media, society treats you. How will it make you feel? – happy, proud, energized and so many more emotions to talk about. Visualize

3) What better thing are you doing? 

If you are not doing this, what else are you doing? How is that going to help you? Is it in any way in the route of your goals or against it?

I understand that it is hard to maintain focus over a long time. But that is something which is going to decide your fate in this exam. We all get scared, we all feel helpless but very few of them continue despite of that. It is the habit of an achiever, someone who wants to make a difference. Think of why you are doing this each time you think you are lost in the process and trust me you will find an answer and a way out of it.

Mary kom did it, even after her third child she went on to prepare and win the gold today. How hard can our goal be?!