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MOTIVATION: From A Security Guard To An IAS Officer!

10665717_707943802620288_1971395871078398553_n Hey Guys! It’s been a while since we posted something here. I came across this story for a short burst of motivation. A photograph which has been making rounds on FB for a while now.

14 years as a security in a company, 32 years of age, his first attempt was 10 years ago and now he is an officer. Well, how about that for a short burst of motivation for the day? 🙂


Guys there has been a bit of a debate about the validity of the news. However I’d still take this cos

  • there’s a possibility that the given name and the name in which he has registered for the exams can be different
  • he might have been a security guard for a short bit while doing this.
  • either ways for us more than the info and it’s validity what we are looking at is a fantastic boost of motivation to know that people have done it beyond limitations.

So Im not sure if you want to believe in this person or not but Im very sure about the choice of belief and quite frankly id stick to the idea how strong a motivational boost this can be 🙂