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Ethics and Integrity – Answer Writing Challenge – 42


17 September 2014


Rajanna had borrowed money from a private bank to buy a tractor. He was a farmer who grew sugar-cane on his two acres irrigated land. He bought the tractor from the money he had received from bank loan. He also used part of the money to pay dowry and expenses for his daughter’s wedding. Owing to price drop in sugar cane in the market, he consistently defaulted on his bank loan. Fortunately he owned irrigated land and he was confident of repaying the debt within two years if the price of sugar cane improved. The bank authorities had sent him few notices. However, recently the bank decided to publish the photographs of defaulters in the public places and in local newspaper to put pressure on them. Rajanna, who was a respected individual in his village was shocked to know this and committed suicide.

After few days, the bank auctioned his tractor off too. Rajanna’s wife and children have complained against the bank to the police accusing it of killing Rajanna.


1) Was it ethical for the bank to take a decision to publish photographs of loan defaulters? Explain. (150 Words)

2) Critically comment  on ethical aspects of Rajanna’s deeds. (250 Words)