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Public Administration-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 12

16 September 2014
Topic – “Scientific Management & Scientific Management movement” (Challenge 12)
1. Taylor unlike other thinkers was a practitioner not a theorist. Discuss how Taylor’s life and work influenced his ideas about scientific management. (250 Words)
2. Describe each of the following (In not more than 100 words)
a. Time & Motion study.
b. Differential piece wage system.
c. Functional foreman-ship.
d. Management by Exception (M.B.E.)
Past years (250 Words)
3. “Taylor’s contribution was not a set of general principles for organising work efficiency, but a set of operating procedures that could be employed in each concrete situation to secure their application.” Critically comment.  (2009)
4. “Taylor’s scientific management ignored social & psychological factors.” Analyse. (2007)
5. ‘Taylor’s scientific management had a major influence on the growing reform and economy movements in Public Administration.’ Comment. (1992)
Next Topic – Classical theories (Henry Fayol, Gullick & Urwick) (Challenge 13)