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Public Administration-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 10


13 September 2014

Topic – “New Public Management & Good Governance” (Challenge 10)


Answer in about 250 words

1. Democracy and good governance are contradictions in terms. Critically examine (stating examples) the appropriateness of this statement in todays era.
2. New public management (NPM) has its origin in “Reaganism (US) & Thatcherism (UK)”. Comment. Also discuss reforms which were undertaken in countries like Australia, New Zealand & Thailand on the lines of NPM.
Note: Important for 2014 considering PM (Modi) policies are compared to that of Ronald Reagan & Margaret Thatcher
3. Explain each of the following: (In less than 100 words)
a) “Business Process Re-engineering” by Hammer & Champy.
b)  The New public service: Serving not steering.