General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 11

ARCHIVES 09 September 2014 Development and Extremism 1) Critically comment on the dynamics of Maoist insurgency and the government of India’s approach to it. (200 Words) Reference 2) Do you agree with the view that underdevelopment is the primary reason behind the growth and spread of extremism in India? Critically comment. Reference

History-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 6

ARCHIVES 09 September 2014 “No event as encompassing as the French Revolution occurs in an intellectual vacuum”. Comment [200 words,2007] ‘The French Revolution attacked privileges and not property’. Comment [200 words,2003]  

Geography-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 8

ARCHIVES 09 September 2014 Answer in about 400 words: 1) Explain the origin, distribution and characteristics of  tropical cyclones. 2) Discuss the origin, movements and characteristics of air masses and explain their role in influencing world climates. 3) Explain the basis of Koppen’s classification of climates. Also mention its merits and limitations.  

Psychology-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 6

ARCHIVES 09 September 2014 Methods of psychology experimental designs differ from non-experimental and quasi experimental designs? (250 words) Psychological well being and mental disorders Q.Discuss different types of Personality Disorders?(300 words)

Public Administration-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 6

ARCHIVES 09 September 2014 Answer in about 250 words each: 1. “Public opinion in democracy slowdown the progress of science of administration.” Wilson. Comment in light of functioning of democracies in present era. 2. The need for government in action arose only in the third stage of evolution of political history of the State, which …

ECONOMICS-2014: Answer Writing Challenge – 8

ARCHIVES 09 September 2014 1) Would a flexible exchange rate regime serve India better than a fixed exchange rate regime in the current international scenario? (150 words) 2) Elucidate how does Kalecki’s theory of distribution share the value of output between labour and capital? (200 words)  

Science and Technology -2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge, 09 September 2014

ARCHIVES 10 September 2014 Q9 Do you think India’s effort to combat climate change through various programs and policies well placed? Evaluate the performance of India’s climate change policies Q10. Discuss the contributions of C.V. Raman in scientific development of India.  

[UPSC MAINS-2014] Insights Secure Questions On Current Events, 10 September 2014

ARCHIVES 10 September 2014 Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words 1) Write a critical note on the research and development in the pharmaceuticals sector in India. Business Standard 2) “Animal husbandry experts feel that the indiscriminate cross-breeding of the kind that has been going on for the past several decades is not a …