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Insights 2015 Prelims Test Series – Schedule and Roadmap For 2015



Insights 2015 Preliminary Exam Test Series is intended to integrate both your Prelims and Mains – 2015 exam preparation. Both for Prelims and Mains, NCERT textbooks are very important. Everyone knows this. But everyone do not completely read them.

Many topics that are given in Mains syllabus can actually be read ONLY from NCERT textbooks. For example, General Studies Paper -1 of Mains can be studied using Class XI and XII textbooks alone! There is so much information hidden in there.

That is why, in the first 13 Tests, we will also frame questions, apart from Prelims syllabus related books,  from books which cover aspects of Indian Society, World History, World Events (Political) and Arts and Culture. By end of January, you will be a master in all NCERT textbooks – provided you put in your hard work consistently.

Once you complete NCERT books, you lay a very strong foundation for the preparation of this exam. It doesn’t matter if questions come from these books in exam or not; what matters is your conceptual clarity to understand and comprehend events that occur around you – expectations by UPSC.

In this test series, unlike last one, we will give sufficient time to read and revise all textbooks.

If these tests were based only on NCERT, it will not be a complete package. UPSC’s expectation from aspirants has soared. It expects aspirants to possess deep knowledge about current events of India and the world. It also expects an aspirant to be aware of environment and ecology.

With every test, there will be 20-25 questions on Current events, environment and ecology. These will be sourced from The Hindu, Business Standard, Yojana, PIB, Down to Earth, BBC and other online sources. If you are regular with The Hindu and anyone business newspaper, you will be able to answer many questions. We will also give 5-10 fact based questions from current events (this is to face uncertainties of UPSC)

Questions on Art and Culture from CCRT website will be included 13th test onward.

How You Can Integrate This Test Series With Mains – 2015 Preparation?

  1. You should make it a habit to write answers at Secure – 2014 (after December – Secure-2015) initiative. This will prepare you for Paper-2 and Paper-3. Our tests will help you to constantly read current events from August 1, 2014 to August 2015. Reading current events from Prelims and Mains perspective will help you grasp events better and remember required facts better.
  2. You MUST read Optional subject every day. This is why we have given Ten days gap between each test so that you will also find time for Optional subject. You can try to answer questions posted on our website, or go through answers posted if you are a beginner. Just remember that, DO NOT compartmentalise your preparation i.e. ‘I will study only optional  from January to June’ ‘I will study only NCERT from June to August’ – you should prepare it daily.
  3. If your optional subject is History, Political Science, Geography or Sociology, you will find many points from NCERT books to add value to your answers in Optional exam.
  4. After 13th Test, we will start tests on standard Textbooks – these are MUST for your Mains preparation. By that time you will be well versed in fundamentals and it will be easy to grasp complex information then.
  5. Combined with current events, NCERT, standard textbooks, and then Full Length exams, you will be always kept in exam preparation mode. All you need is motivation (every one can not be on high always!), and we will try to motivate you now and then. Or you can get motivation from people who daily write answers here.
  6. By the time you complete this test series, you will be ready to rock in Prelims-2015 and just revise all you have read till then for 2015 Mains. All you need is consistency. Every day should be productive. We hope our tests will help you in this regard.
  7. We understand that there is no short cut to success, but there is a sure way to success – that is treading on right path howsoever it’s arduous. We hope our test series keeps you on  right track till you reach your goal.
  8. Finally, it all depends on YOU. Remind and warn us when we err. We will learn lessons and try to give you the best tests possible.


Right now, we have given complete schedule for first 13 Tests. Let us start this journey together. Do not repeat the mistakes you made in your previous attempt. Resolve that 2015 is going to be your best and final attempt. Wish you all the best! 🙂


To Download The Schedule of 13 Tests:

  • First Test starts on 15th September. For this topics are given before the date of the Test. For example,for Test No. 16, you should prepare for the topics given in front of Test No. 16.
  • For the first test, you have 9 days to prepare. All the best!


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