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Insights Test Series For UPSC Civil Services Examination – 2015 – Details About The Program


Click Here to get the schedule and to know how you can integrate this test series with Mains-2015 Preparation.

The Paper – 1 of  UPSC civil services Preliminary Examination – 2014 was a shocker to many. For past 3-4 years questions were almost entirely concept-based, but in 2014, the paper was of not ‘UPSC Standard’ – it was mostly factual and designed to test rote knowledge of candidates.

In our 2014 Test Series we designed tests to emphasize more on testing concepts and at the same time not completely neglecting testing of factual knowledge. This method paid some dividends. In the 2014 Prelims Paper-1, 24 questions were directly related to either questions of our test series or explanations given in each series. You can check it Here. And many more questions could be tackled if one was thorough with the explanations given for each question in the last series.

Post 2014 preliminary exam we received many Thank You notes from aspirants for enabling them to face ‘uncertain’ Paper-1 and score good marks in it. Many have written their reviews about our last test series Here and Here. (Link)

2015 Test Series – Design and Objectives


In this test series we will continue to focus on concepts. But this time, we will also cover Current Events in each test (in 2014 Test Series we did not cover this area well). Looking at last two years’ papers, one can say that the weightage of questions related to ecology and environment has increased. In this test series this area will be covered adequately in each test.

To test concepts, we have to frame questions from standard textbooks. We will start from NCERT textbooks. In the last test series, we gave 21 Tests of which Seven were NCERT based. This year there will be 33 Tests.

Part – I

Of these 33 tests,  13 tests will be based on NCERT textbooks.

On NCERT Books alone?

No. First 12 tests will have questions from NCERT textbooks (From Class – VI to Class – XII), Current Events (related to the topics given in Paper-1 syllabus and questions from PIB too) and ecology and environment.

Many tests are needed to explore and dig out all the basic concepts that are hidden in NCERT textbooks. NCERT books are goldmine of knowledge. One should not neglect them even if they boast of superior knowledge. When we move on to Class XI and XII textbooks, one can find so much of information that is crucial for both Prelims and Mains. Through these 12 tests, we will make sure that you read NCERT books thoroughly and remember all the concepts.

13th Test will be a Full Length Revision Test of all NCERT textbooks. A gap of 15-20 days will be given for you to revise all NCERT books and current events to give this test. These tests will end by January (2015) last week.

These tests will have basic questions and confusing too. You can see sample here (full length tests)


Part – II

The second stage will have 11 Tests. These tests will be based on all the standard textbooks. It is true that one can not expect questions directly from these books in Prelims, but reading these books is a must to lay a strong foundation to understand current events and other syllabus related information. These 11 tests will make you read these standard textbooks in a time-bound manner. We received compliments from many aspirants that they could complete these books thanks to  Targets we gave them before each test.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fresher or a veteran, you need to constantly read these books to be in the race. We will cover following books in these 11 Tests:

      1. Struggle For India’s Independence – Bipan Chandra
      2. Indian Polity – Laxmikanth
      3. Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh
      4. Introduction to the Constitution of India – D D Basu
      5. Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong
      6. Environmental Studies – ICSE
      7. India – 2015
      8. Economic Survey – 2015
      9. Art and Culture – from CCRT Website

Just like in Part – I, these 11 tests will also have questions from current events. In all of 33 Tests, current events and ecology related questions will be comprehensively covered.

By the end of these 24 tests (13+11) you will have the satisfaction of completing all basic books, covering current events and gaining sufficient confidence to face any kind of questions that UPSC can ask in its exams. (This is not exaggeration but an observation and experience)

Part – III

Remaining 9 Tests will be of Full Length. They will cover all aspects of syllabus.

Gap Between Each Tests

There will be a gap of 10 days between each test. Before each test, you will be given a target to complete – Topics, Chapters and Books. To score better in each test, you must complete targets and revise them regularly. Unlike in last Test Series, this time you will get sufficient time to read and revise all sources well before each test.

Current Events

Current events will be part of all 33 tests. Questions will conform to UPSC requirement and expectations. These questions will be based mainly on the topics given in the syllabus of Paper – 1. Social issues, Science and Technology, government schemes and projects ect will be covered in detail.

More stress on Science and technology will be past of majority of tests.

For Mains – 2015, one should have good knowledge about current events of preceding 12 months. These tests will help you in knowing which current affairs are important for Mains-2015. In Solutions to questions, we will give detailed explanations which will help you revise current events during Mains-2015.


The main objective is to help you give a clear roadmap for 2015 exam preparation. If you religiously read all the sources we mention for each test, you will gain both knowledge and confidence to face 2015 Prelims.

The other objectives are:

      • To keep you on track throughout the year – these tests will keep you busy only with exam preparation
      • To provide you tests which will enable you to assess your level of preparation
      • To help you identify important areas to be covered for the exam
      • To give quality questions and detailed explanations to all the questions


As said earlier, each test will have an interval of ten days. A complete test schedule will be made available on the website on Friday Morning.

Tests will be flexible. If you join later, you will get old tests. You can take them any time.

The first test will be delivered on 15th September. Tomorrow (i.e. 5th September) you will get details about topics that you should read for the test.


Right now we will send tests as PDF files only. On the date of the Test, PDF file will be delivered to your email address.


To fix fees for this test series was a real headache. We kept our prices lowest last year but gave the best question papers. This year also we will do the same.

Fees: Rs 5350/– (Test Series Fee) + Rs 649/- (Service Tax) = Rs 5999/-

You will get more than 1000 pages of detailed explanations and high quality tests. The cost per each test is less than Rs 200/-. And compared to the fees of other test providers, this fees is very small. We agree that we do not yet provide online exam mode and tools to analyse your scores, but ultimately it’s the quality that matters.


A discount of 25% is given to Subscriber of our First test Series.

i.e. Rs 4500/- is the amount payable. (To get discount, you need to send Your Name, email ID (the one you had registered for the first series) and old payment ID you got from Instamojo) You know to which ID you should send details.


You can pay using:

      • Credit Card
      • Debit Card
      • Netbanking

Click the below link to pay the Fees:

Thank You Very Much For Your Support.

We need resources to run this site smoothly. Hence this paid test series.


This test series is for 2015 aspirants. There may be people who are confused about their 2014 result. You can decide to buy these tests after your result. We sincerely hope all of those who wrote 2014 prelims will clear it. Wish you good luck.

For those preparing for 2015 exam, this is the time to start your serious preparation. Wish you all the best too.

Once again, just a reminder – Detailed Schedule will be posted tomorrow (5th September 2015).

Please read Here and Here and decide yourself whether to join this test series or not. They are genuine reviews by genuine aspirants.