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Ethics and Integrity – Answer Writing Challenge – 34


03 September 2014

1) Which values do you think should constitute moral norms and values of governance? Explain them. (200 Words)

Reference (Page No. 7)

2) A multi-storey building which was illegally constructed collapses and kills fifty innocent workers – including women and children. These workers were poor migrants from far away villages. The building was allowed to construct only three storeys, but the builder has violated the rules and raised four more storeys. The government immediately announces cash relief to aggrieved families. The builder is arrested and put under court trial.

  1. On whom does the ultimate blame for the death of fifty innocent lives rest – government or  builder? Explain why. (200 Words)
  2. Is it morally correct to give cash relief to the diseased families in this case? Substantiate why. (150 Words)