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Ethics and Integrity – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 33


02 September 2014

1) Effective utilization of public funds is critical to meeting development goals. Critically examine the reasons behind under-utilisation and misutilisation of public funds and their implications. Also suggest with examples how public funds can be effectively utilised. (250 Words)

Reference – 1

Reference – 2

Reference – 3

2) Write a note on the ethics of utilisation of public funds. (200 Words)


3) Your father is persuading your sister to study medicine after her 12th Class results. Your sister wants to study engineering in a famous college. Because of her good ranks in entrance exams she can get admission for both engineering and medicine in top colleges. Your father tells her that he has invested lots of money and time for her education, moreover he and his wife are getting old and are tired of frequent bouts of illness. He tells her that if she becomes doctor she can look after him and your mother when they get old. Your sister, despite your father’s persuasion, decides to go for engineering course. Your father is shocked by her decision and has fallen sick, but your sister doesn’t want to change her decision.

  1. In the above case study, was your father right in persuading your sister against her will? Substantiate. (150 Words)
  2. Do you support your sister’s decision? Explain why. (150 Words)