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MOTIVATION: Time to strategise!

Before we start today, I would like to wish you all a very happy Ganesha festival, may the lord shine his light upon you always and gift the ability to maneuver over challenges at ease :).

And now coming our challenges to talk about! It is almost 5 days now that the exams are done, you have gone through a set of emotions depending on the prelims paper and how you went ahead with it. Well, no matter what those outcomes will be, I am sure it was one heck of an experience and we face a bigger question at our hand now : How do we take things further?!

It is time to make your strategies! 

The big plans as to what you are going to study, how you are going to divide your time, whether you are going to join the coaching classes, whether you are going to study for mains right now and so on. Well our strongest suggestion will be that you finish off the mains preparation irrespective of how your prelims have gone by. If you think you have an unfortunate outcome in prelims, even then take up the mains preparation, not cos it is going to make the right difference now, but because it is going to make your life easier in the next attempt and you can have more options open for you when you are writing the next time and you can experiment a bit with your strategies now.

For the first timers who want to take the coaching classes, I am sure you would have already made your decision. For the others who have already gone through the process of preparation, the test series are going to start soon and you can get ahead of the preparation in a strong way with that. Well enough being said about the technicalities of the preparation, one thing for sure is that it is time to make your strategies now, make those Plan A, Plan B and the Plan C and start organizing your time accordingly cos the only friend and foe you are going to have throughout the process is TIME 🙂 . As always, wishing you the very best and of course we are always here to help you 🙂 Related:

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