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Roadmap For 2014 Mains – Initiatives That Will Run Till December 2014

Last year those who religiously followed our writing challenges made it to the final list. If you want to see your name right at the top, get started now and start practising. Except for Prelims test series, all initiatives on the blog are run free of cost for the benefit of serious followers of this website. We hope you will make full use of these initiatives and succeed in this attempt itself.

The following initiatives will be run for the benefit of Insights visitors till Mains – 2014:

  1. Secure – 2014 Questions On Current Events (6 days a week)
  2. GS Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Static Portion (6 days a week)
  3. GS Science and Technology Daily Answer Writing Challenge (1-2 questions 6 days a week)
  4. GS Ethics and Integrity Answer Writing Challenge – (4 days a week)
  5. Optional Writing Challenges (Geography, Psychology Only) – (If someone sends questions for other optional subjects, they will be posted too)
  6. Weekly Essay Writing Challenge ( 2 topics will be posted every Sunday)
  7. Daily Debates/Discussions Every Day (Formally starts from September 1)

We will try to post questions in the morning itself (except Ethics) by 11 am. Many have requested us to post Secure questions before 8 am. We will try to that.

Except Optionals, all initiatives will run smoothly. The continuation of Optional challenges depends only upon availability of questions. If someone frames themselves and sends original questions (bulk), it will be immensely helpful. Thank you!

After 2014 Mains, we will start Secure – 2015 Program.

We will start Prelims Test Series for 2015 from September first or second week. The idea is to give you a roadmap for next Eleven months during which you will be made to read all basic books, all relevant current affairs and prepare you to face any kind of GS Paper -1  that UPSC throws at you in 2015. For test series reviews you can go through this thread.  If you enrol early, you can make use of these tests completely as you will be given targets to complete once in every ten days.

Wish you all the best for your Mains Journey.  I hope everyone who writes here makes it to the interview. 🙂

Note: Outline of our Offline Program will be posted tonight.