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MOTIVATION: And the prelims are done!

Hi Guys! Hope you had a great time writing the prelims paper. I am sure it would have been one experience to remember.

I hope everything has gone on as expected. If it has not, well then you are in the perfect place cos UPSC has never been predictable, has it? Either ways, since the competition is always subjective, it is pretty interesting to see how things pan out. Here are a few thoughts which I can resonate with you on.

1) Checking your answers

I know the feeling right after the exams, you would feel like discussing the papers, what went wrong and what went right, how many people got it right and how many got it wrong, what your average total would be and what the average cut off would be.

And there will be a lot of speculations about what your score is and whether you will make it or not.

2) Which website to believe in for the cut offs and answers! 

Different sites, different people and different coaching institutes will give you different ideas as to what the answer and the expected cut off is  going to be. In short they will try and give you an idea whether you will make it or not. If you feel that you safely make it, then cool, if you are on the other end where things have not gone as planned, I guess it is time to shake that feeling off. However, if you are in the border, that is the toughest place to be in – between a rock and a hard place.

3) If you are in the border

Well! No one knows the exact pointer since it is relative to how others have done and how they are going to score. So, if you are stuck in the border, I do agree that it is a natural feeling to discuss what the result can be and if you will make it. Kindly refrain from it cos the debate is not going to give you anything, not even your peace of mind! It might be a temporary feeling of having made it, it might be a temporary feeling of getting upset about it, but know that what you are upsetting over is a prediction and not a reality. Only UPSC knows the truth and that is the way it is going to be. It is going to take some time for the results to be out and this is the time where you have to be a little smarter than your emotions!

4) What do I mean by being smarter than your emotions? 

Look at the larger picture, what do you want to achieve? Prelims is the entry point of the journey, the next two months is time and the results are not going to get here sooner than the UPSC wants it to. So, instead of battling what all can happen, look at the larger picture, you are here to secure a rank and a position and these two months are going to be extremely important for you and the way you are going to make it count. So make the best out of it, fight all those emotions you have which are going to distract you.

I wouldn’t want to push you to study right now, take the week off, go out, travel, ask the one you have been longing to on a date, have a good time, scatter these questions away and start looking at the big picture. For, when you come back, there is no way you are going to let these thoughts weaken your effort and preparation. There is a lot waiting for you to read, with that in mind, go out, have a nice time 🙂 .