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Please Share Your Preliminary Exam – 2014 Experience

Now the Prelims is over, it’s time to share your experience of this exam with each other. Do not worry about your performance. It doesn’t matter whether your performance was extraordinary or abysmal, you should start preparing for Mains earnestly.

Take a day or two days off from preparation, and start again with new energy.

Also share how we can help you in your exam preparation for Mains. Please do not speculate cut off etc.

It is absolutely useless to worry about cut-off. The tendency will be to search web for cut-off marks of 2014 prelims. It’s natural to be curious and anxious at the same time. You will be looking for a cutoff marks that is somewhere below your expected marks.

Now the exam is over, you fate is sealed. You can only prepare for Mains, which will be helpful for next year too (if unfortunately you do not clear).

Wish you all the best – both for the result and preparation which you are going to start in 2-3 days. 🙂