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MOTIVATION: Happy Independence Day


protest18_20110822Freedom is in the air, the sense of independence, the sense of being on our own. Years ago, we proved as a nation that we are self sufficient and we are capable of handling ourselves. Our achievements have spoken for what we are as a country, as a young democracy the accolades have been immense. I am not saying we are perfect but I am saying the country has done a lot to be proud of.

It might be the inspiration in the air, the sight of seeing the flag unfurl which brings in the dormant patriotism inside. I am sure most of us in the forum here agree to the sense of fulfillment we get when we think of this nation and us as a part of it. I am indeed very pleased to write today for a bunch of young democrats who are going to make a difference. You guys deserve a pat on the back for the journey you are enduring, you deserve to feel proud of yourselves, for the sacrifices you have made and the journey you have undertaken. It would be very naive of me to save that service is the only motive for an administrative job, there are a lot of factors that make a job like this alluring but the sense of service is certainly a considerable one in it.

Happy independence day guys. On this day, I am proud to share with you a few inspirational stories of our heroes below:



On the account of 68th Independence Day, we thought we would revise a little from your history classes. We bring you out the 10 inspiring personalities who changed the face of India. Here are

10 inspirational heroes and their message to us