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MOTIVATION: Set yourself on FIRE


With less than two weeks to go, it all comes down to this now – how you maintain the state of your mind. You have done the hard work, you have faced the challenges in your journey and now you are all set to take the exams head on. I am sure there are a few thoughts that will keep you pushed to the front and there are a few which will hold you back. Today we are going to talk about the ones which will keep you at the best phase of mind so that you go and get it!

– You have all held a low flame till now from the past one year atleast which has made your preparation to bring to this stage. Pat yourself on the back for all the things you have done and it is all coming to see light now

– The passion has kept you alive so far and will keep you alive for the next two weeks as well. Let the fire of passion take the next stage, let it be the fire that keeps you burning.

– Enjoy this! This is one phase which will have all the emotions at their best, which will keep you excited and sometimes sleepless as well. It is a good thing, but don’t let it put you under pressure

– The exam is about you, it is your story, make the best of it. You should not have a few reasons at the end of this exam and don’t let the reasons be – If I had better managed time, if I had maintained a better presence of mind, if I had focused better or concentrated better. Those are not the things that should divert you now.

– Preparation is one part of an exam and presentation is another. Now you are in the second stage. It is about your presentation, make sure that you show the best side of you.

– Stay calm, stay motivated, it is natural to be a little agitated at this stage. But don’t let that consume you, use it well to push you ahead. Nothing should bother you now

– Keep the personal problems aside. We all have them, there will be time to face them and make them right. Now you have something more important. This is what the past 1-2 years have been about, don’t let a droplet of rain down your enthusiasm.

Set yourself on FIRE! 🙂

PS: If you have any suggestions on what you want us to write about on the motivational part, please do let me know below 🙂


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