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ETHICS and INTEGRITY – Answer Writing Challenge, 07 August 2014


07 August 2014

You are serving as Superintendent of Police (SP)  in a district notorious for kidnapping cases. In one such kidnapping case, ten school girls have been kidnapped and hidden in an unknown place. In previous cases, where one or two girls were kidnapped, they were sold to prostitution racquet in a foreign country. Your team, under your guidance tracks the kingpin of these kidnappings and arrests him. During routine interrogation, the arrested kingpin do not reveal any location names nor he talks about anything related to kidnappings. Your sources clearly tell you that he is the one behind all kidnappings. Even after using all legal methods to get information from him, your efforts have not yielded any result. Your friend, who is an SP in another district suggests you to torture the kingpin to get information. You are aware of the situation that the girls might be sold and trafficked to a foreign country if you further delay investigation.

1)What will you do in such a situation? Is it ethical to torture a person to save other innocent lives? Critically comment. (200 Words)