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ETHICS and INTEGRITY – Answer Writing Challenge, 30 July 2014


30 July 2014

As a DM, you are doing your best to demolish all illegal encroachments in the  district headquarters. This has brought you a good name. At the heart of the city, there is an immediate need of widening a road where lately lots of accidents have taken place because of huge vehicle traffic. In the middle of this road there is a temple which is causing lots of traffic problems thanks to large number of devotees who visit it daily.  Investigation reveals that the temple is constructed illegally on government property. If congestion to be eased on the road, the temple must be demolished. You send a notice to temple management. They sensationalize the issue through media by twisting facts. They also politicize the issue. They have also tried to incite communal feelings of devotees. You know that the temple management is getting huge income from the temple and this is one of the reasons why there is stiff opposition for its demolition. You also get frequent calls from prominent politicians requesting you not to go ahead with its demolition.  Your family members, who are god-fearing, are also against your decision.

In this situation, what will you do? Explain the consequences and how will you deal with them. (250 Words)