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MOTIVATION: Will the exams be postponed?


exam worry, worry about upsc  postpone, ias, inspiration A lot has been questioned about the UPSC pattern these days and there seems to be a looming open question as to whether the exams would be postponed or not. Some say it should be and some say it shouldn’t. However that is not something we are going to debate about today.

Let us focus on the larger question. I am sure that when you have so many thoughts running around, so many changes and so many rumors as well, it is pretty hard to shut yourselves out and concentrate on what matters the most to you. And sometimes they end up taking a lot more energy and time than we actually thought.

I agree that it is hard not to think of it, but let us evaluate the two possibilities

1) Exam gets postponed

This way, you get time and you also have a clear cut focus to study on. The change will not be too much so that you can’t cope with it. It would be in the lines of your previous preparation and the tone may vary a couple of nothces. So, do not worry about a complete 180 change. Focus on the current strategy till they come with a decision. For all you know, the change may not happen as well

2) Everything remains the same

If everything remains the same, in that case you will not have extra time to study, the exam goes on on the mentioned date. All the days you are spending on worry will be lost and you are left with lesser time to prepare. This way, it is pretty dangerous that you are letting the worry get the better of you.

If we look at both situations, the best solution for you is to keep going with the current strategy you have in mind. In either of the outcomes, time is the most precious thing for you and you can’t afford to squander that over any other thoughts. Look at what matters the most to you. The way I look at it, it is time that makes all the difference.

I do understand that uncertainty is not the easiest thing to handle, but here are 10 ways to handle uncertainty in life.

Don’t worry about what they are going to do, it is not in your control. Worry about how you are going to improve your preparation and how you are going to make a difference. That is a better worry and thought process to have. And if you think you are still worrying about it, then I would suggest : How to stop worrying and start living! 

Either ways, you are the ones at the receiving end. So look at the larger picture and think of what is the most important thing for you and focus on it. The rest hardly matters at this point of time.


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