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MOTIVATION: It is not the load that breaks you!


inspiration, motivation, insights, stress, ias exams I have heard this a fair number of times. People esp in the UPSC sector have told me that it is a lot of hard work and the load is extreme since there is X,Y,Z things to do and no matter how much you work hard, you are never sure whether it is going to pay off or not. I agree, it is one hell of an exam and also the mother of all exams. And the post you are looking at is not a small one! You are looking at an extraordinary one.

So it is going to be hard. You are going to be tested all through the process of the exam and even after that as well cos it is something which is going to test your strength and temerity all through. But there is also a beauty in it, the strength of an officer is not the amount of load he can carry, that is going to remain the same. It is the way you are going to carry it! It is the way you are going to handle it when you are there at the stage of becoming an officer or at the early stage of the exams.

Few days ago, we talked about people and how they impact your life and then we also said – “People will make you feel like crap if you let them!“.

And we also said that “There will always be people who say you cannot do it“.

But then there will always be idiots like that! You can’t let them rule your life!

You got to be beyond all those things in life. It is about the dream you have here. We also talked about  “Angels and Demons and Dreams” and why this dream matters so much to us. And that is exact reason why we are all here, in the pursuit of doing what we firmly believe in and the way we do it tells us how creative we can get at doing it. So.. Don’t worry about the load, don’t worry about the pressure, don’t even worry about the people who are going to bug you. It is your life, it is your challenge and it is how smartly you handle this pressure. Keep it going! Related:

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