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MOTIVATION: I don’t have time!


motivation, inspiration, ias, upscWell! Lets be honest! Who has it? Who has the time in the world to do all the things they wanted to do in the world? Who has everything sorted in such a nice way that nothing ever goes wrong? Who has a life which is perfect and beyond any mistakes? I am guessing none of us do and none of us will!

And yet somehow we do give this reason amongst many others time and again. If it is not this we use different rationalizations like – There is a lot riding on luck, there is something wrong with the system, the syllabus is too vast and so on.. And I am not making fun of any of these and they may also be completely justified and sometimes even completely true. But I do ask just a few things

– How does it matter?

– Does it make any difference to you?

– Why are you giving this excuse? – Is it to get people off your back or is it that you are accepting that you don’t want to go throug it?

– Why have you thought of these excuses? Is it because you want to find  a way around them or is it that they provide a safe exit?


Well! Whatever these reasons are, trust me that they are not going to matter. At the end of the day, you have only yourselves to answer to and you can give yourself any reason at the end of the day. But when the day is still going on, forget the rest and just fight, cos that is what you are put to do here – And you have to ask yourself this – “Do I like a good fight?” and if the answer is yes, then forget everything else, go at it!

Cos no one is going to believe that the dog ate your homework and no one is going to care for the reasons you give as well.

Your dreams are bigger than you! and it is better that way, cos you are here with a lot of passion and energy and absolute capacity to make it happen. So, don’t worry about it! Just go get it!


What is impossible for me?


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