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Insights Weekend Discussions – 27 July 2014

Welcome to the Fourteenth Edition of Insights Weekend Discussions. You can access details of previous discussions here.

The Topic

“Continuing Communal Riots in India Are the Result of Both History and Contemporary Politics.”

India’s Home Ministry reveals that more than 2,500 people were killed in incidents of communal clashes in the country since 2002. There were 8,500 incidents of communal clashes in the past decade, mostly between the Hindus and Muslims. Some say that the violence between these two communities continues thanks to the gap of communal mistrust between them which is primarily attributed to historical wrongs.

And some analysts say that it’s all because of politics and policies of some political parties. There have been efforts to address communal violence through legislations and other policy measures though.. The Communal Violence Bill, one of those efforts, has itself been labelled as Communal. Some have appreciated the bill.

Do you agree with the topic completely or are there other reasons behind communal clashes? What are the dangers of these communal clashes? How can we stop them? Are legislations only way to stop them? What is the role of administration? What is the role of society and individuals? Is there any flaw in our education system itself?

The site is yours. Hoping to see constructive debate just like the last time. Thank you.